Johanna at Bhakti Fest 2019

A Bhakti Fest Fall + Musical Instruments and Meditations

A funny thing happened on my way to Bhakti Fest last week. Or maybe not so funny. As I got out of my car at the beach, I noticed a red baseball hat in the dash of a nearby car. I started chatting with my friend Chad about the current political situation, something I rarely do because it’s hard to keep up with it all when I’m on the road. The owner of the hat must have heard us because he started pointing his one good arm at me and yelling, saying hippies are responsible for everything. He started following us. We walked faster and made it across the traffic lanes before him. Right after we got across, trying to protect my tiny dog Coco, I lost my footing and took a big tumble.

As I picked myself up and looked at the boulders where I had fallen, I was grateful that my spine was spared. I was pretty banged up, however, and I spent most of the festival, when I wasn’t leading yoga or kirtan music, resting for the next event. I’m so grateful for all my friends in the Bhakti community who took care of logistics and details so I could take care of me.

Yesterday, the festival over, I spent some desert hot springs time and got a little help from some healing hands, and everything just seemed to pop back into place. I’m so grateful for the shift back into a healthy body, and for community. It’s important to remember how few people I have come across in the last three years of travel throughout blue states and red who have offered me anything but kindness. The grand total is one. I will keep that knowing in my heart as I head back to the Heartland in the next month.

I’ll be spending some extra time in IL with master instrument builder Nick at Old Delhi Music. If you’re thinking of treating yourself to a harmonium, a sitar, or other string or percussion instruments, you can get 5% off with the coupon code johanna5. Go for it now, or share this with anyone who might be looking to find a gift that will last a lifetime.

Call me a hippie, if you want. Please. It’s so important during these times that we find ways to tap into sources of love, peace, yoga and music and support people who make their livelihood doing this. Head on over to Insight Timer, a free website with a global following of meditators and yogis. My version of “Om Mani Padme Hum” was just featured on their homepage carousel. People have been writing glowing reviews about it and several of my other tracks there. Go on over and add your words, if you’re inspired.

And don’t forget about the folks at YogiTunes. They’re doing a great job of spreading da love through music. They now have my Beyond Love album available for easy streaming.

Grateful today to be in the safe and loving company of my people, as we remember what matters and support each other in the remembering.