Insight Timer app

Can Insights Be Timed?

I don’t know whether the big insights that can show up and change a life can actually be contained by a timer. But I do know that the Insight Timer app offers multiple ways to clear the mind, which makes insights far more likely. The app offers thousands (literally) of meditation, music, and mantra offerings, featuring some of my favorite teachers and musical/devotional artists, all for FREE. And it offers more in-depth classes as a part of its subscription service.

Insight Timer has become one of my most trusted traveling buddies. And what it offers goes way beyond timing meditation. It enables me to listen in and relax into my body with guided meditations and pranayama breathing, binaural beats, yoga nidra, and mantra music. As a teacher focused on assisting students to calm the nervous system with Lullaby Yoga, I’m grateful for the guided meditations and binaural beats and the teachers who help me find my way back to sleepyland when I’m staying in a noisy campground or hotel.

And, THIS Just In! As of today, SEVEN of my most-requested songs are available right here (with more to come):

Glowing reviews are coming in for most of the music. Within a week, Om Shanti and The Light Inside have each touched about 1000 people all around the world, many of whom have left sweet comments. Once again, I am moved and humbled by all the creative and spiritual support that shows up. Grace. Amazing Grace. Now that sounds like a good song title!