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Gratitude for the Gospel of Love

As I write this today after news of yet another shooting of an African American man, tears of grief and compassion flow down my face. It’s been a humbling time to be a member of the human race on this planet. From my privileged position as a white woman. I remember that many people of… Read more »

Collecting Silver Linings

Johanna Beekman

Along with everyone else, I’m missing so many things this spring. Your faces and hugs and voices at festivals. Your sacred yoga and church spaces. Your gracious hospitality. “Sky TV,” one of my favorite meditations as I’ve driven across this gorgeous country the last five years. And so much more. These days as I create… Read more »

Moving Into the Unknown

Johanna on the hill

The world shifted radically for me and for millions of others on March 15th. I had just begun my spring tour at the lively LA Festival of Colors. My brand-new Mantra Soul CD was done, and I was still on fire from recording with a wonderful collection of gospel singers. My touring schedule through the… Read more »

Love, Serve, and Remember

Candle Ram Dass

R.I.P. Baba Ram Dass. Thank you for showing us the way to move towards the heart and the expansiveness of each holy moment. I sit now looking at a candle wrapped with a mala given to us by Ram Dass, strung on the thread of the famous plaid blanket worn by Neem Karoli Baba in… Read more »

A Bhakti Fest Fall + Musical Instruments and Meditations

Johanna at Bhakti Fest 2019

A funny thing happened on my way to Bhakti Fest last week. Or maybe not so funny. As I got out of my car at the beach, I noticed a red baseball hat in the dash of a nearby car. I started chatting with my friend Chad about the current political situation, something I rarely… Read more »

Johanna on Dharma Drops Podcast

Johanna Dharma Drops podcast

I had a great conversation with Rebecca Warfield of Dharma Drops Podcast in late August and our episode just went live! We talked about yoga, feminism, integration of the genders through spiritual practice, the idea of a dharma path and what it looks like, the nervous system benefits and differences between powerful/asana practice and subtle… Read more »

Can Insights Be Timed?

Insight Timer app

I don’t know whether the big insights that can show up and change a life can actually be contained by a timer. But I do know that the Insight Timer app offers multiple ways to clear the mind, which makes insights far more likely. The app offers thousands (literally) of meditation, music, and mantra offerings,… Read more »

Two New Albums in the Works!

Spirit Song Soul and Mantra Soul albums

“I’ve been working in the studio and performing with Johanna Beekman for several years now. She is a fantastic singer and great songwriter. I mixed her album “Heart Beats One”, and produced, recorded and mixed her album “Beyond Love”. We are currently working on another album of groovy, uplifting jams. Please check out her fundraising… Read more »

Shakti United

As I’ve toured the country, I’ve been amazed and touched by all the heart-centered healers I’ve met. But what got my attention most is the abundance of powerful women deeply rooted in their practices and offerings in their local communities. I felt a longing to bring these modern-day priestesses together to share their incredible voices… Read more »

On My Way Back Home…

Johanna on the lake

I’m going home. And I’m also bringing my home with me. Both are true. This Bhakti Bus I call Daphne has taken me across the country for the last four months. By now most of her moving parts have been replaced, including her engine. And she’s been a good sport about it, mostly just rolling… Read more »