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Shakti United

As I’ve toured the country, I’ve been amazed and touched by all the heart-centered healers I’ve met. But what got my attention most is the abundance of powerful women deeply rooted in their practices and offerings in their local communities. I felt a longing to bring these modern-day priestesses together to share their incredible voices… Read more »

On My Way Back Home…

Johanna on the lake

I’m going home. And I’m also bringing my home with me. Both are true. This Bhakti Bus I call Daphne has taken me across the country for the last four months. By now most of her moving parts have been replaced, including her engine. And she’s been a good sport about it, mostly just rolling… Read more »

Flaunting my Inner Flamingo

I’m about to leave on a four-month national tour of festivals West to East and everywhere in between. There’s one thing I was hoping to leave behind, a habit. Ever since I started singing and playing while standing, I have a tendency to lift one leg as the energy builds. Even though I’ve tried to… Read more »

Festival of Colors

Festival of Colors

I had the honor of welcoming the spring this year in a truly memorable, vivid and joy-filled event. I performed and celebrated along with 37,000 others at the Holi Hai Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah. People of all ages and backgrounds gathered to sing and dance and revel in bright primary colors, dowsing… Read more »

Big News: The Lullaby Yoga Project

Beyond Love

Traveling from town to festival to town this fall, I’ve become so aware of the support all around me, every moment. My little van/RV, my autumn home, supports my body with a safe and cozy place to nest and to cook nutritious meals. I arrive in towns where kind yogis and artists receive me with their… Read more »

The Magic of Bhakti

I’m just returning from a two-month tour to and from Shakti Fest in the California desert. This was a healing trip for me, because part of my focus needed to be on getting help for the concussion symptoms that had forced me to shelf my regular life for the last six months. The travel included… Read more »

What’s Next? (On the DL)

Johanna with Ben Leinbach

Spring started with an Equinox kirtan at Love Hive in Portland, and it’s been full of the spirit of creativity ever since. Right now I’m writing from California, where I’m winding my way south with guitar, harmonium, kirtan and lullabies. I’m loving all of the opportunities to share the love with the Bhakti tribe and… Read more »

From Here to ShaktiFest

Last fall I had a fabulous time singing with many of my favorite artists, from Gina Sala to David Newman, at Bhaktifest. That seems like ages ago. So much has happened since then, including my One Heart One Soul Tour with Mike Cohen, our RhythmAsana Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs, and a car accident that reminded… Read more »

Surrendering to the Internal Soundscapes of Life


Last month I was driving home in rush hour near my neighborhood in Portland. I don’t remember a crash, but witnesses tell me I was slammed by a driver who made an illegal left turn into me, causing a head-on collision and a concussion. I’m gradually absorbing lessons about the kindness of airbags, wonderful helpers, and… Read more »

Come Share in the Living Heartbeat

Blessings, Beloveds ~ It’s been a busy (and abundant) time. A few weeks ago I returned from singing my heart out at Bhakti Fest. Since then I’ve been preparing for a full-on tour of the West Coast, which just might mean that I’ll be in your community soon. It’s kind of a fall harvest tour for me since I’ll… Read more »