Krishna and Radha

Kirtan, Lullaby Yoga, and Workshop at Lawrence Bhakti Festival in KS

Date(s) - 10/20/2018 - 10/21/2018
All Day

Westside Yoga Studio
4935 Research Park Way
Lawrence, KS


Johanna will be offering kirtan as the featured performer on Saturday night, and will be leading Lullaby Yoga and a workshop on Sunday.

Sat 8pm Kirtan

Come experience the shared heartbeat of kirtan and devotional singing with Johanna Beekman and friends. Johanna’s unforgettable songs will open your heart and inspire you on your journey long after the last note fades into silence.

Sun 1pm Free Your Voice, Free Your Soul Workshop

Theis workshop is an upbeat, playful exploration of the human voice for everyone.  Johanna gently guides participants to unlearn their ideas about singing in order to uncover their own unique voices. Together we’ll create and explore light-hearted chants and harmonies, just for the joy and freedom of it. No previous singing or chanting experience is necessary.

Sun 3:30pm Lullaby Yoga™

In Lullaby Yoga, Johanna gently guides you through a series of deeply relaxing poses while singing and playing soothing songs and chants. Her class uses principles from restorative yoga, therapeutic yoga, yoga nidra, and subtle body and breath work. The music provides a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself.

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