SNA Fall Season 2020

Music for Saturday Night Alive’s “Reality Creation & New Earth Manifesting”

Date(s) - 10/24/2020
6:00 pm–9:00 pm

4th Street Yoga
1809 Fourth St
Berkeley, CA


On Oct 24th, come join Bruce Lipton, James Redfield, Marci Shimoff, Maureen St. Germain, Chiraya Dharma, Peter Sterling, Johanna Beekman, Cornflower and Swami Beyondananda! Learn how your thoughts and imagination are the drivers of our individual and collective realities! Reality Creation, Manifesting and Law of Attraction are the art forms most important for us to master at this time on the planet.
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This event is part of an ongoing series featuring: Music, Wisdom, Prayer, Meditation, Comedy, and Community Connection.

We invite you to sing, dance, and listen at home to an eclectic mix of musical styles and speakers, always heart-centered and soul-driven. Come join us for moments of visionary inspiration, deep truth, reflection, prayer, and meditation, all addressing this unique time that our collective humanity is going through right now.

Join us for “Community Connections” after the main show ends! We invite deep connection and creative participation from the community until 9:00 PM. We invite you to come onto the gallery on Zoom and share. You can speak your truth & heart, transmit a prayer or poem, or inspire us to laugh. We will continue the “Community Connections” until everyone who wants to share has been able to do so or until it feels complete.

Hosted by: Scott Catamas & Debra Giusti

Broadcast Partners: Awake TV – UNIFY – Humanity’s Team – New Realities TV – Earthdance Global – Love Coach Academy – DisclosureFest Foundation – Portal to Ascension – SINE Network – Global Days of Unity 

$15-150 donation

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