Both Signed Albums + Special Private Lullaby Yoga™ Class



Johanna will teach Lullaby Yoga™ to your community, complete with tea, chocolate, aromatherapy, and adjustments.

Plus signed copies of both albums:

The Mantra Soul album includes new music Johanna has shared at festivals, churches, and studios across the country but hasn’t yet released in recorded form. It also features the new theme song for her Shakti United organization dedicated to empowering women and girls around the world. Proceeds from this track will benefit Mitrata Nepal Foundation for Children!

Spirit Song Soul reaches into the broader world of universal inspirational music. It will include new songs and fresh recordings of some of Johanna’s most frequently requested inspirational songs from other albums. The album will have the same heart-centered quality as her last two albums, but it will also take her back to her roots in soul, gospel, world, folk and pop music.

Both albums are produced by award-winning producer Ben Leinbach, and feature an amazingly talented collection of musicians.

You will receive an email to schedule your Lullaby Yoga class, and your albums as soon as they are released; most likely in early 2020.

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