Mantra Soul

This album features new mantra music I’ve shared at festivals, churches, and studios across the country but haven’t released yet in recorded form. It has the same heart-centered quality as my last two albums while fusing east and west with my soulful gospel stylings in Sanskrit and other sacred languages.

You can pre-order a CD here or get the digital album here.

Mantra Soul release

Album Preview:

Track List:

  1. Swing Low (Sri Krishna)
  2. The Earth Beneath Me (Jai Shakti Ma)
  3. Kali Ma (Chamundaye)
  4. Om Guru Deva (Surrender to Love)
  5. Radhe (Rhythm of My Heart)
  6. Gayatri (Offering of Love)
  7. Lokah Soul
Johanna recordingBen Leinbach recordingAngela Davise recording


  • Ben Leinbach – drums and percussion, programming, electric guitar (Gayatri) keyboards, bass (Chamundaye, Guru Dev, Gayatri), backing vocals (Gayatri, Happy and Free, Guru Dev, Radhe)
  • Gawain Mathews – electric guitar (Chamundaye, Radhe, Happy and Free, Guru Dev)
  • Jared May – bass (Happy and Free, Radhe)
  • Joss Jaffe – tabla (Earth)
  • Hans Christian  – sarangi (Earth), bass (Earth), cello (Gayatri and Happy and Free)
  • Angela Davise- acoustic guitar (Chamundaye)
  • Geo – percussion
  • Alex Milstead – additional harmonium
Jared recording






Supporting Vocalists:

  • Dave Stringer
  • Kavita Kat Macmillan
  • LaRhonda Steele
  • Saeeda Wright
  • Angela Davise
  • Kelly Love

“Radhe,” “Lokah Soul,” and “Om Guru Deva” written by Johanna Beekman and Ben Leinbach
All other songs written by Johanna Beekman (with a few old spirituals).
Gratitude to Rev. Isaiah Jones for showing me faith in song, Gina Sala for global vocals, and so many other teachers…

Produced, recorded, and mixed by Ben Leinbach, Old Bull Productions
Mastered by Hans Christian, Studio 31
Additional recording/ Engineering by Alex Milstead

Photo by Brian McDonnell
Graphic Design by Jim Beckwith

Mantra Soul Back Cover