Shakti United

As I’ve toured the country, I’ve been amazed and touched by all the heart-centered healers I’ve met. But what got my attention most is the abundance of powerful women deeply rooted in their practices and offerings in their local communities. I felt a longing to bring these modern-day priestesses together to share their incredible voices to bigger scale, to see and support each other, and to rise to our Shakti potential.

And so, returning to home base this winter, I launched a Facebook group called Shakti United! I envision it as a place to empower sisters to share events and to celebrate Shakti in all her forms. We welcome devotees and practitioners of all kinds who are dedicated to healing and supporting the divine feminine creative force.

All devoted to the divine feminine path and healing the female cultural experience are welcome to join and share this in this group.

Please go to the group and add yourself so you can stay in touch with women around the world, share your inspirations, passions, and healing work, and hear others as they share their heart’s path.

Our goal is to offer our first few mini-events in the coming months, evolving into a sort of traveling “Spiritual Lilith Fair,” where we can all come together as one heart, in one loving song. Our first event will be March 30th in Eugene, OR, featuring the amazing Jaya Lakshmi, Matura Seva & Bhakti Shakti!

We can do together what one cannot do alone. We’re donating a portion of every “Shakti United” event or retail sale to Mitrata-Nepal, a small and personal organization focused on education for young girls, empowering and supporting them so that they, too, can rise.

One Heart,