Johanna on the lake

On My Way Back Home…

I’m going home. And I’m also bringing my home with me. Both are true. This Bhakti Bus I call Daphne has taken me across the country for the last four months. By now most of her moving parts have been replaced, including her engine. And she’s been a good sport about it, mostly just rolling along.

Wherever I go, I’m nourished by the meeting of hearts as we move our bodies and raise our voices for love and hope. Everywhere we’re greeted by a radical hospitality that shows me again and again the True Nature of the human heart that we’re celebrating. I sometimes think of my journeys as an opportunity to stitch all of us who think this way together. As I move (and as I am moved), I am blessed by each of you who have brought me tea or food, helped me with my engine crisis, listened and shared from your hearts.

By Christmas Eve Daphne and Coco Bean and I will be parked back in Oregon to cozy up with family and friends around a warm fire. We’ll be celebrating the new year at a new ashram retreat center near Portland. And then we will be still for a while during the dark and cold time of year, fed by the energy of all the generous souls who have brought us this far.

Breitenbush Hot SpringsTo celebrate the return of the light in late January, we’ll be hosting RhythmAsana at Breitenbush Hot Springs in the Oregon mountains. I’m looking forward to sharing this magical place with friends from near and far as we move into deep joy together, feasting on fabulous organic food and soaking in the hot pools and dreaming our deep winter dreams.

Deep peace of still times to each of you, Beloveds. We will meet on the Bhakti path next year, perhaps, but for now, I wish you a resting place in your hearts, in our shared heart, beating as One.